It all began many years ago in a small region in Italy. Tomaso and Armanda DeCiantis were both born in Broccostella, Italy. Broccostella is a small city and is located about 100km east of Rome. It was there where Tomaso and Armanda worked on a small farm, and it was there that they dreamt of one day being able to migrate to the United States and open their own business.

It wasn’t until the late 60’s that they were able to fulfill this dream. Arriving at Ellis Island along with their three children (Larry, Carlo and Anna), Tomaso and Armanda (neither one speaking a word of English) began their pursuit of happiness in their new home called America. With much perseverance and determination, on August 3, 1970 they together opened Cara Mia Restaurant in Floral Park, New York. During the early years all three children helped out in the restaurant, each one gaining the experience and strong work ethic that would enable them to one day succeed as adults. In addition to their children, they also had help from Armanda’s mother, Liberata. It was because of her famous meatball recipe that they soon became a tremendous success. Sadly, after gracing this world for over 102 years, Liberate “Nonna” passed away in March of 2008. She will be remembered by many and was loved by all who knew her. In the late 90’s Carlo assumed the position of head chef/owner so that his parents could “retire”. And even though Carlo has taken over, to this day, Tomaso and Armanda can still be found in the kitchen preparing the fresh ravioli, gnocchi and meatballs. In addition to these classic menu items Cara Mia also offers many Italian specialties.

After over 37 years of continued success in Floral Park, Cara Mia expanded to Long Island. On September 29, 2006 Cara Mia Due was opened in Seaford, Long Island. The management at Cara Mia Due is currently in the capable hands of Sergio DeCiantis (the 4th generation). At Cara Mia Due, although we embrace the recipes from our sister restaurant, we have added many delicious entrees to our menu. The quality of our food, the impeccable service and the ambiance we offer at both restaurants cannot be compared. We cannot emphasize to you, our valued guests, our desire to make your dining experience with us the best you’ve experienced. We hope to have the pleasure of serving you at both of our establishments very soon.

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